How Old is Your Resume?

You’re preparing for a new job search and pull out your resume to add your most current experience.  You quickly realize it’s been several years since you’ve even looked at it.  Don’t make the mistake many job seekers do of thinking you can just dust off that old resume and land a new job.  Without editing or deleting old information, your resume will just become a hodgepodge of outdated accomplishments, experience, and skills.  In other words, if you’re still listing that volunteer experience from high school, that’s a key sign it’s time to revamp your resume.

Resumes have changed drastically over the years according to technology and the condition of the market. Even in a digital world, a quality resume is crucial for your job search—it decides whether or not you get called in for an interview. Here are a few ways to clean up your resume so that it lands on the desk of the interviewer.

Begin with a qualifications summary.
Rather than starting your resume with an objective statement, open with a professional summary of qualifications that tells the employer what you’ll bring to the company.  State your skills and experience in terms of the organization’s needs and values.

Edit your work experience.
Your work experience section should highlight accomplishments in your previous job positions related to the position you’re applying for.  Many applicants make the mistake of giving a reverse chronological laundry list of every job they’ve ever worked.  Again, this just hides the important information.  A recruiter doesn’t need (or care) to know that you sold snacks at the ballpark concession stand every summer in high school.  Make your resume stand out by only including job experience that is relevant to the position at hand.  Making your resume highly relevant will catch the eye of the reviewer.

Consolidate your education.
You can gain space for more important sections of your resume by updating the education section.  While detailed information about academic honors and extracurricular activities was important when you were looking for an internship in college, once you’ve landed your first real job this information becomes much less important and can be condensed or removed.  When you’re looking for a more senior position, a recruiter likely isn’t going to be impressed that you were captain of the cheer squad.

Re-order your skill set.
The three things a prospective employer cares about are your skill set, what you are good at, and what you can offer the company.  Make sure your skills section lists your skills in order of importance to the job you’re applying for. These are the skills that can also be found in the job description.

When you’re done revamping your resume, show it to a friend or mentor to get their feedback or approval.  They’ll also help catch any errors you may have overlooked.  Crafting the perfect resume takes time and effort, but when done correctly will land you the interview you wanted.

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