Read what our clients have to say about their experiences with Area Temps:

“Nancy Whalen did an excellent job placing good candidates. I look forward to working with her again. I am very surprised by my satisfaction and I was incredibly skeptical about your ability to deliver. I could not find candidates this quickly. Great job at proving me wrong!”

Jeremy K., Food Distribution Company

“So far, the candidate you sent has been excellent. I was most impressed with the process to get to this point. The Area Temps’ account representative was very knowledgeable and simply ‘got it’ when I explained our needs. She sent us excellent candidates. Additionally, the process has been quite simple and easy to navigate. The most important thing I do as a business owner is to try and hire the right people. I’m very happy I decided to work with Area Temps!”

Peter F., Business Supply Company

Gail in the Lakewood office is a true asset for your company. Anything I needed, she was there to assist and she really goes far and above the call of duty.

Robert J., Property Management Firm

Michele and April of the Parma office know our business very well and are always able to come up with candidates on short notice.  They have always come through for us and have done an excellent job.

Linda M., Metal Components Manufacturer

Gail in Lakewood is always quick to fill our needs when we are in a jam and need someone. Thank you.

Bonnie T., Worldwide Industrial Supplier

Area Temps is professional, diligent in their candidate research, and I enjoy working with Kim in the Parma office. She always exceeds my expectations.

Barb J., Metals Service Company

I’ve used Area Temps for a long time, and the individuals that we have had throughout the years have been a good fit and learned quickly. For our last opening, we were able to have a qualified candidate interviewed, selected and working within two weeks.

Ellie B., Financial Institution

Every time we have needed a person for assistance, either temp-to-hire or just for the day, Area Temps has been able to provide an individual in a timely manner. Our account manager, Gail Enders, is available to take my calls, answer my emails, or make a personal visit at a moment’s notice, and she goes out of her way to meet the client’s needs. I am happy to work with Gail at every opportunity.

Richard B., Equipment Supplier

The last two temps we had from Area Temps were knowledgeable, prompt and respectful. I would use your service again.

Lynn M., Property Management Company

Gail in Lakewood always takes great care of us and finds us quality people. Our last temp was awesome!  He stepped in with very little training and was very productive. If we did not have an immediate task, he would find something to do to stay productive. Area Temps has always provided us with quality associates!

Bill N., Automotive Service

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