Brain Gain Boosts Cleveland Toward New Economy

Researchers say that while public leaders have been worrying about brain drain in Cleveland, a new population of young professionals has been flocking to Cleveland.  Not only have these trendsetters been gushing into urban neighborhoods and making them hip, they’ve helped to raise education and income levels and are setting the stage for an innovative… Read More »

Your Workforce’s Secret Weapon — Hint: They’re Already Working for You!

Millennial workers have developed a reputation for feeling entitled to undeserving promotions and raises, being addicted to social media, and job-hopping every time they get bored.  They have been accused of lacking a strong work ethic, having no grit, and showing no respect for corporate culture.  As a recent Forbes article stated, “It has become… Read More »

Cleveland Selected to Host the 2016 Republican National Convention

Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, recently announced that the 2016 Presidential Nomination Convention will take place in Cleveland, OH.  Dates have not been finalized yet, but June 28 and July 18 are being considered. Cleveland won the convention over Dallas, TX, which may have been thought to be the front runner as a wealthier,… Read More »

3 Ways to Let Your Personality Through in a Job Interview

When you’re interviewing for a job you really want, you probably take care to dress conservatively, answer thoughtfully and focus all your attention on making a good impression. But if you are too cautious, you could end up making no impression at all. Adding a bit of your own flair can make you stand out… Read More »

Should You Hire Someone that is Currently Unemployed?

Recent research by Northeastern University suggests that candidates who lack the right skills are likely to be hired over a more qualified candidate that has been out of work longer than six months.  Hiring managers fall to the bias that if the unemployed candidate was good, someone would have already hired them.  However, this is… Read More »

Congrats to Our 2014-I Award Winners

At Area Temps, our account representatives and recruiters are the life blood of our company. They work diligently to provide employees with new job opportunities and customers with unparalleled service, and we wouldn’t be in business today without their efforts. To recognize their importance and to reward them for their success, our staff members compete… Read More »

It’s Time: How and When to Leave Your Job

Whether you’ve found a new job or are simply resigning, leaving your job is always a difficult decision.   When you do decide to quit, there are right and wrong ways to give your notice. It’s important to part your way with grace and professional courtesy.  You should leave your boss wishing they could have you… Read More »

NorTech Forges Partnership to Prepare Cleveland for New Economy Jobs

As we previously discussed in January, Cleveland has become an emerging market for the high tech industry.  With this transition to a knowledge economy happening even quicker than expected, labor experts are worried that the region’s many low-skilled workers may get left behind. In order to ease the potential skills gap, tech-focused economic development agency,… Read More »

Bad Hires are Costing Your Organization!

According to a recent study by CareerBuilder, two out of every three U.S. employers surveyed reported making a bad hiring decision in 2013. Employers reported that these bad hires lowered productivity, affected workplace morale, and in some cases even resulted in legal issues.  At a time when the job market is competitive and the economy… Read More »

A Special Summer Offer Just for You!

As usual, it seems like summer is flying by! It is a busy time of year with vacations, graduation parties, weddings, and making plans for the upcoming school year. And at work, covering for vacations and handling an influx of business can be daunting. But, Area Temps can help! We proactively recruit professional, skilled trades,… Read More »