Tips to Helping Your Temporary Staff Fit In

Cleveland Based Staffing Firm Area TempsDue to the state of the economy and growing impact of globalization, temporary employees are becoming more and more necessary. When hiring a temporary employee, you face the challenge of making them feel welcome within the organization.  Contingent employees often have a hard time seeing the impact of their work, but with a little focus and team building, your business can truly benefit from the engagement of temporary employees.

Explain the Value of Their Job.
No temporary employee wants to feel like they’re at the bottom of the totem pole, so it’s important they know the value of assigned tasks.  Make sure to explain the bigger picture of each task you’re having them complete.  Give feedback, direction, and praise where appropriate.  Get to know the temporary employee and find out what their professional background and aspirations are, then tailor assignments to align with their interests. Unlike a full-time employee who has invested in their position, a temporary employee is more likely to quit the job if you don’t enrich their experience.

Include Temporary Employees in Your Culture.
Even though your temporary hires may only be with your company for a short period of time, it’s still essential that you do your best to make sure they fit into your culture.  A temporary employee is not very different from a full-time employee, so you shouldn’t treat them differently.  Include the temporary staff in company meetings, lunches, or other outings.  Ask them to sign the congratulations or birthday cards for their coworkers, and invite them to participate in any office rituals.  If the temporary employee doesn’t feel connected within the company, more than likely they will not be motivated to do the work.

Offer Perks.
Offering perks and benefits are a great way to provide employees with incentive to work hard and come as an added bonus to a pay check or a handshake of approval. While unexpected perks, such as a lunch provided to employees or a brief team bonding activity before the workday begins, help boost morale and overall positive emotions in the short-term, other long-term perks will ensure company success for months to come. At Area Temps we take pride in the perks included within our benefits package. Here are just a few of the many benefits we provide:

  • One week of Paid Vacation after 1,300 hours
  • Paid Holidays after 900 hours
  • Low group rates on Major Medical Insurance
  • Child Care Assistance for working parents
  • Accumulate Free College Tuition Credits for each 40 hours worked
  • Cash Bonuses for new employee referrals

Ask for Feedback.
Give contingent employees an opportunity for their voice to be heard.  Although they’re not usually included in employee surveys, their feedback is just as important.  Temporary employees can provide an outsider’s perspective on problems the organization is struggling with that someone too involved in the organization can’t see.  If you focus on the issues that are important to temporary employees, they’ll feel valued and speak highly of your company.

Hold on to the Stars.
You’ll have temporary employees that stick out and excel above the rest. Do not let these employees slip by.  Try to find a permanent position for the employee or keep their contact info at hand for when a position opens up.  You’ve spent time training them, and they fit perfectly into your culture. It would be a shame to see them go. Many temporary employees would be thrilled if given the opportunity to come on full-time.  If you aren’t able to offer a position, be sure to let them know you’d be happy to be a reference and commend them on their work.

Temporary employees can be a great asset to your organization as long as you make an effort to fully engage them.  If you’re looking to fill positions in the Greater Cleveland area, contact the professionals at Area Temps today.  Whether you need to find the ideal candidate for an office position, or match your labor to production needs, we can tailor a staffing solution that works for your company.

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