Manufacturing and Technology Industries Advancing in Cleveland

Cleveland Manufacturing, Cleveland Technology, Cleveland Growth, Cleveland Industries, Cleveland JobsCleveland, at the height of America’s industrial prosperity, was once a booming mecca for the oil and manufacturing industries.  Between the Civil War and Great Depression, oil changed the face of America with rapid industrialization and invention.  Despite the downfall of the economy in 2008 and recent appearances on Forbes “America’s Most Miserable Cities list,” Cleveland has once again been able to sustain itself by becoming a hub for high-tech innovation and manufacturing.

In 2008, even before the recession began, Cleveland was teetering on the verge of collapse.  Traditional manufacturing—like the steel industry, was unsustainable.  Now, just five years later, the city’s recovery ranks among the top cities in recovery of U.S. Metro areas as unemployment rates drop and income rises.  Cleveland is not only sustainable; it’s a leader in advanced manufacturing, using cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of a competitive global market.  The city is vying to retain its manufacturing powerhouse.

At the heart of the advanced manufacturing industry, are companies stable enough to take big risks. Cleveland’s middle market consists of 2,045 companies, $107.2 billion in revenue, and 910,000 employees.  This market generates over 26 percent of the city’s overall revenue.  These same companies make up 37 percent of all the manufacturing employment in Cleveland.

With Ohio’s pro-growth and pro-business climates, Cleveland is expected to once again emerge as the center for manufacturing.  Though the steel mills may be a thing of the past, a new era is just beginning in Cleveland, so don’t rule the city out just yet.

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