Are You Missing Out on Top Employees?

Cleveland Based Staffing Firm Area TempsHiring and retaining the best talent in today’s economy is as tough as it’s ever been.  Unless you’re Apple or Google, simply tweeting out “We’re hiring” isn’t going to have the top employees in the industry beating down your door.  As a smaller business or start-up, you have to have a well-defined hiring process in order to ensure quality candidates are seeing your job postings and making it to your office for an interview. Don’t let your current hiring process prevent your from securing top employees.  A new employee is one of the biggest investments your company can make, so it’s essential that you dedicate adequate time and attention to redefining you hiring process.  Here are a few tips to get you started.

Set your objectives.
In order to hire effectively, you have to have already established what you’re looking for in a job candidate, what your staffing objectives are, how you plan to recruit, and the budget you have for hiring. Make sure you have job descriptions defined up front, as this is essential to recruiting the right talent.  Accurate job descriptions allow you to clearly communicate what an applicant’s required skills need to be to both the candidate and the team doing the recruiting.

Have a time frame.
The length of time you have for recruiting, evaluating, and hiring affects your recruiting options and determines how much money and effort you’ll need to accomplish your goal.  If you need an employee quickly you might consider making a temporary hire while searching for a long term replacement or using a temp-to-hire service to make sure an employee fits the position before hiring them on full-time.  If you have more time to spend on the hiring process, you’re able to spend more money on targeting the right candidates and on multiple rounds of interviews with people at varying levels of the organization.

Grab the attention of your ideal candidate.
Determine where and how you’ll attract the best candidates.  List all of your options such as you HR department, outside recruiters, business affiliations, search engine ads, etc.  Then, develop a marketing plan to reach the talent you’re looking for.  Are your job postings easily found on your website? Who can see your posts on jobs sites?  If you’re not talking directly to your target audience, you may be wasting time recruiting applicants that don’t have the necessary requirements.  How do you handle walk-in applicants?  If you don’t have a process for giving information on where to find available jobs, you may be missing out on talented applicants.  Consider having a business card printed up with the web address of your online job openings to give to walk-in candidates.

Advertise your positions.
Social media platforms have made it increasingly easier to reach your target.  Recruitment advertising is still one of the most effective tools in recruiting.  A short call to action delivered via a social networking site can quickly deliver more applicants than a ¼ page add in the local paper.  The trick is knowing what to write and where to target it.  The only downfall of recruitment advertising is that if your ideal candidate isn’t actively looking for a job, then it’s ineffective.

Consider professional recruiting.
Even though the recession may be coming to an end, many states still have higher than normal unemployment levels.  This means that millions of Americans are eager to find jobs and are blasting out their resume to jobs that they may not be the best fit for.  If you’ve noticed that the applicants you are getting aren’t top-notch, chances are it’s a result of desperation to find a job.  In order to cut down on time spent reviewing resumes of unqualified candidates, consider outsourcing your hiring to a recruiting agency.  They’ll source a preferred pool of qualified candidates and provide a second pair of experienced eyes to make sure you’re securing only the best talent to fill your open positions.  They can even bring your opportunity to the attention of the best candidates in the market even if they’re not “on the market” for a new job.

Hiring is one of the most important processes so make sure you treat it as so. Don’t take a passive approach and continue to be flooded with resumes of unqualified candidates. Let the experienced Cleveland recruiters at Area Temps provide you with customized staffing.  Contact our team of expert recruiters today, and we’ll make sure your hiring process stays on track.

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