4 Ways to Make Temporary Employees Feel Welcome

There are many benefits of hiring temporary employees to fill positions at your company.  Doing so allows you to easily staff up or down, try before you buy, or fill vacancies quickly.  However, it’s important that as with any new employee, you do your best to ensure that temporary employees feel welcome.  It’s common for temporary employees to feel like outsiders at the companies they’re working for.  It’s like being the new person hanging out in a group of old friends.  Making temporary employees feel welcome is important to ensuring overall team chemistry.  Here are a few ways to ensure your contingent workers are a vital part of the team, ultimately increasing productivity.

Provide proper introductions.
When a temporary employee starts work with your company, make sure there is someone assigned to welcome them, show them to their workstation, and let them know whom they should report to.  There’s nothing worse than arriving at a new job and not knowing what to do or where to go.  Take time to introduce the employee to other members of the team they will be working with.

Immerse temporary employees into your culture.
Even though your temporary hires may only be with your company for a short period of time, it’s still essential that they fit into your culture.  You shouldn’t treat them any differently than you would a full time employee.  Include the temporary staff in company meetings, lunches, or other outings. Invite them to be involved in any team bonding or office activities.  The more a temporary employee feels connected within the company, the more motivated they’ll be to show up everyday and get the job done.

Explain the importance of their job.
No temporary employee wants to feel like they’re job is meaningless, so it’s important they know the value of assigned tasks.  Make sure to explain the bigger picture of each task they’re working on.  Give feedback, direction, and praise where needed. Unlike a full-time employee who has invested in their position, a temporary employee is more likely to quit the job if you make them feel unimportant.

Offer perks.
At Area Temps, we believe temporary employees are just as critical to the overall workplace and full-time staff and, because of such, offer our temp-employees benefits and vacation pay. Offering perks to your staff is an excellent way to encourage productivity through a rewards system.

Temporary employees can be a great asset to your organization, as long as you make the effort to help them be a part of the team.  If you’re looking to fill positions in the Greater Cleveland area, contact the experienced recruiters at Area Temps today.  Whether you need to find the ideal candidate for an office position, or match your labor to production needs, we can tailor a staffing solution that works for your company.

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