4 Ways to Turn Your Temporary Job into a Career

Over the last four years, temporary employment has jumped more than 50 percent according the American Staffing Association. Many large firms, online shopping outlets, and other industries previously uninterested in temp workers are now taking advantage of the flexibility of contract employees.  In an environment where permanent, full time positions are hard to come by, temporary assignments can be a viable alternative.  Especially since 27 percent of companies reported that their temporary jobs lead to full time positions.  Here are a few tips to help you play your cards right and increase your chance of making a temporary gig permanent.

  1. Be up Front.
    You need to express interest in a permanent position both to the company and the staffing agency that helped place you.  By making the manager aware of your long-term professional goals, they’ll know to keep you in mind if a full-time position becomes available.  It also lets the company know that you will treat your temp position as a real job and be highly motivated to succeed.  If you can get it in their mind that you want to be a regular employee, they’ll start envisioning you as one.
  1. Learn the Business.
    If you really want to be a full time employee, you need to make an effort to learn everything you can about the company you’re temping for.  Which industry do they compete in? What products and services do they offer?  Who are their biggest competitors? You should treat your temporary position as an extended job interview.  Learn how the organization works and figure out where you’re able to add value.
  1. Understand the Culture.
    Many companies use staffing agencies because they allow a “try before you buy” hiring service.  This allows the employer to see whether an employee is a good fit not only in their skill level, but also within the company culture.  Therefore, you want to take the time to understand who the key players are when it comes to the culture of the organization, how work gets done, any unwritten codes, and internal dynamics.  The better understanding you have us these things, the easier you are able to fit in.
  1. Have a Positive Attitude.
    Most importantly of all, always weather a bad day with a smile.  Your new coworkers will take notice if you have a winning attitude and are fun to be around.  When a full time position becomes available, managers want to hire someone that they can stand to be around at least five days a week.   If you’re friendly, warm, and work with a team mentality, other employees will want to work with you as well.

The key is to be proactive and reliable, communicate goals, and show why you are a great asset to the organization.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or full-time position, let the experienced recruiters at Area Temps help you get your foot in the door with some of the leading companies in the Greater Cleveland area.  Contact us today, and you could be on the new job tomorrow.

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