5 Reasons Why Positive People Get Promoted

Why positive people get promotedIs the glass half empty or half full? It is no secret that positive people are much easier to get along with at work, but it also means that they go a lot further in their careers. Here are a few reasons why positive people are the first to be promoted.


Reason #1: They Give Solutions to Problems.

The negative employee is quick to point out when they don’t like an idea or if they think it won’t work, but they rarely provide a solution or viable alternative. They are a roadblock. In contrast, a positive person sees a problem and is proactive about finding a solution. If they don’t think an idea will work they say, “What if we try it this way instead?”


Reason #2: They Are Respected By Their Co-Workers and Managers.

Managers and co-workers like to work with and have respect for people that have a positive outlook. The positive employee has the ability to bring someone up; whereas, the negative employee tries to bring everyone down. For instance, if a negative co-worker is asked, “How is your day going?” you never get a response like “Everything is good.” Instead, you get a woe-is-me answer, such as “My furnace needs to be replaced, my kids made me late today, and my boss wants to meet with me this afternoon. How do you think it is going?” Some griping from time-to-time is natural, but if your co-workers avoid having conversations with you due to your constant negativity, it is time to reassess your outlook. Negativity is contagious and the last thing a company wants is a negative manager who would have the ability to bring down their entire team.


Reason #3: They Are Diplomatic & Are Equipped to Deal With Difficult Personalities.

A key characteristic of a good manager is the ability to deal with all types of people. Positive people are more diplomatic and are up for the challenge of working with difficult personalities; whereas negative people don’t put the effort forth to be diplomatic. Negative employees tend to be egocentric and are so mired with their own perceived problems that they minimize the issues of others.


Reason #4: They Adapt & Are Flexible to Change.

Negative people don’t like change, because it will make their job harder, at least in the short-term. In contrast, positive people embrace change as an opportunity to help the company grow, seeing any short-term issues resulting from change worth the long-term benefits. As a manager, you need to always look for ways to encourage company growth. How can you do so, if you are resistant to change and are more comfortable with the status quo?



Reason #5: They Are More Productive.

Since positive people don’t spend their time stewing about how they have been wronged, they tend to be more focused than their negative counterpart, resulting in better quality work. When candidates are being considered for promotion, individuals who excel in their current position are better liked by their supervisor and will be at the top of the list.



In Conclusion.

If you feel negativity ready to rear its ugly head, hold it back. Try to put a positive spin on the situation and emulate other positive co-workers. If you do so, you will find much more satisfaction with your job and more opportunities for career advancement.



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