The RNC is Coming to Cleveland…Are You Ready?

The RNC is coming to Cleveland...Are You Ready?It’s an exciting time in Cleveland as the nation’s focus is on the tumultuous race for the Republican nomination and the upcoming Republican National Convention. The 2016 election has received unprecedented media attention and it will continue to gain momentum as the July convention approaches.

According to the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, the convention will bring an estimated 50,000 visitors to Northeast Ohio, including delegates, committee staff, donors, media personnel, lobbyists, security officers, dignitaries and special guests. As a result, an influx of over $200 million in direct spending is expected to pour into Cleveland.

If you are in the hospitality, service, retail or other related industry, having enough qualified staff on hand to account for the increase in business will be challenging, and it can be costly to recruit short-term employees on your own.

If being understaffed will result in the loss of potential profits, Area Temps can help. We are proactively recruiting maintenance, housekeeping, food service, banquet serving, customer service, and other types of candidates our clients will need leading up to and during the convention week.  If you will require additional workers, give your account representative or one of our locations a call and we will make sure you’re covered.


Need help recruiting top-notch employees? Let your referrals come from the experienced staffing team at Area Temps. Whether you need to find the ideal candidate for an office position, or match your labor to production needs, we can tailor a staffing solution that works for your company.  Contact us today to talk about custom solutions for your organization.


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