Planning to Hire in 2018?

Many customers of Area Temps, who traditionally enjoy the benefits of a flexible workforce, also find hidden value in our temp-to-hire program. “Try before you buy” is an effective way to evaluate potential permanent employees.  And it can be a real savings, too!  When you take one of our referrals onto your permanent payroll, not only do you already know that they are a good fit, you also save both time and money by eliminating the need to advertise, recruit, interview, evaluate and reference check a series of potential candidates.



Ask about our Temp-to-Hire Discount.* Volume customers are eligible to receive a credit on our minimum working day requirement, based on the number of employees currently on assignment with your company.




* Customers of Area Temps are eligible to take our employee onto their permanent payroll after the employee has completed a minimum of 120 working days on assignment. For more details, ask your account representative or contact the office nearest you for a copy of our Temp-to-Hire Policy. 

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