Employer Testimonials

Absolutely fantastic! Emails and phone calls are returned very quickly. Both Charlie and Courtney are very accessible. I usually get them on my first call, no hiding behind voice mail. Compared to other firms we have used in the past, they are great! We are very appreciative of what they do for us.

Steve G., Service and Repair Company

Despite COVID challenges, AT have been able to find us some great candidates. We’ve converted most to full-time employees! Gail and her team are simply phenomenal. Despite the labor shortages they have found us some exceptional candidates. We don’t consider them a staffing agency, we consider them an integral part of our team!

Lona M., Fastener Manufacturer

I have worked with Kim DeGroff for close to 30 years and have enjoyed my relationship with her and her team. We have hired numerous candidates over the years and we currently have two on staff that came from Area Temps. One has been with us for 15 years and is extremely exemplary and the most recent one, we just hired temp to perm and is working out very nicely.

Nancy S., Insurance Co.

We received many candidates and, in today’s economic conditions where getting good help is hard to come by, Michele and her team have done a great job of sending a steady flow of candidates for us to use. Michele Phelps is very personable and is great at what she does. She has been able to get me out of a few jams!

Douglas R., Medical Device Manufacturer

We know that not all individuals can be star employees, especially in the middle of a labor shortage, but the Lakewood office has done everything they can to put our needs at top priority and get us quality workers as they are available! Our recruiters are SO good about communicating with us, and making sure we know where we are in the recruiting process. We are very happy with our experiences with Area Temps. Gail Enders is just great. She is so attentive and friendly. Her entire office are great with communications and they work hard to bring quality workers to us!

Emily P., Parts Manufacturer

Thanks to ALL of the AT staff at Parma! It’s such a privilege and an honor to work with such a superior staff! I wouldn’t know what to do without all of you. Many thanks to Kim DeGroff for her professionalism, efficiency and high standards.

Michele S., Museum

I have personally had 3 temps during my time with the company and 2/3 of them have been top notch. The other person was highly skilled but just not a good fit in practice. But beyond that, I can look across our organization and see key employees who started as temps from Area Temps.

John S., Payroll Service