Employer Testimonials

Our Area Temps representative was very prompt and was able to place someone quickly, which was exactly what we needed. I am very pleased with the candidate and the work he does here. I think you all did a great job making this connection, as I am unsure of another way he would have ever heard about our opening.


Bridget K., Non-Profit Organization

“Nancy Whalen did an excellent job placing good candidates. I look forward to working with her again. I am very surprised by my satisfaction and I was incredibly skeptical about your ability to deliver. I could not find candidates this quickly. Great job at proving me wrong!”

Jeremy K., Food Distribution Company

“So far, the candidate you sent has been excellent. I was most impressed with the process to get to this point. The Area Temps’ account representative was very knowledgeable and simply ‘got it’ when I explained our needs. She sent us excellent candidates. Additionally, the process has been quite simple and easy to navigate. The most important thing I do as a business owner is to try and hire the right people. I’m very happy I decided to work with Area Temps!”

Peter F., Business Supply Company