5 Halloween Costumes to Avoid in the Workplace

Halloween costumes in the WorkplaceHalloween is right around the corner, and if your boss is allowing you to dress up for the day, it’s time to start thinking about a fun, creative, but work-appropriate costume. Let’s take a look at the five kinds of costumes to avoid in the workplace.


#1 – Political Costumes: Just as it is best to avoid talking about politics at work, it is best to avoid dressing as a politician, especially with this year’s heated election around the corner. Even though Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton costumes will be popular this year, it is best to leave those outfits at home and to opt to dress as less polarizing characters.


#2 – Religious Costumes: Along with politics, religion should be kept out of the workplace. You can never be sure as to what costume will be deemed offensive, but dressing as a religious figure is bound to offend someone.


#3 – Revealing Costumes: Any costume that is advertised as “sexy” or “naughty” needs to stay in your closet. These outfits will be too short, too low-cut and/or too see-through for the work environment. However, if you have your heart set on being a “sexy” devil, you can make the costume more appropriate by layering it on top of other clothing. For instance, you can add leggings, boots and a camisole to show less skin.


#4 – Uncomfortable Costumes: Even though the workday may be more relaxed on Halloween, you are still expected to do your job. So, if you use a headset at work, steer clear of costumes that have headpieces or masks that you can’t remove and will interfere with your headset. Also, outfits that limit your movements are rarely a good idea. For instance, dressing as a refrigerator, may sound like a winner in the most creative costume contest, but getting around the office wearing a decorated box will pose a problem. Keep in mind that you will be wearing your costume for 8 hours or more, so plan accordingly.


#5 – No Costume: Unless you don’t celebrate Halloween for religious or personal reasons, it is best to participate in the Halloween festivities. No one wants to be the “odd man out” by being the only person in the office not wearing a costume. If you are concerned about a meeting you have that day where wearing a costume wouldn’t be appropriate, you can pick a costume that is easy to change into a work outfit. For instance, cat ears and a tail can be added to and removed from your clothes quickly. Or, you can wear your suit under a wizard’s robe. Remove the robe and the hat, and you are ready to meet your client.



In Conclusion…

Celebrating Halloween in the office is a great way to build team spirit. So, I encourage you to participate in the festive activities. And, if you want to take camaraderie to the next level, consider a group costume. Pick a theme for the costumes and have everyone dress in that theme. For instance, a theme can be Disney characters, comic book characters, people from a popular TV show, decade clothing, such as the 70’s, or even dressing as your favorite candy. The possibilities are endless! Finally, don’t forget to take lots of pictures to share with your peers on the social media sites.


Feel free to share any of your own costume ideas or mishaps in the comments section.



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