Our Hiring Process

At Area Temps, our staffing supervisors will work with you to find a rewarding opportunity that fits your needs. Here is how our registration process works:


Your first step is to complete the application process found under the eRegistration link on this website.  You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, and if we have current openings that fit your skill set, you will be instructed to call the nearest Area Temps location to speak with a recruiter.  After we discuss your career goals, work experience and expectations, if you meet our hiring criteria, we’ll arrange an appointment for a personal interview.


Area Temps is ready to help you meet your career goals. When you come in for your appointment, your recruiter will conduct a one-on-one interview to assess your interests, experience and work preferences.  During the interview, we will review your work history and identify assignments or positions that may be right for you.

Once you register with one Area Temps location, your application is automatically entered into our City Search network. Your information will be accessible to all Area Temps offices in the Northeast Ohio area, increasing your chances of finding a position quickly.


When the interview is complete, you will receive the Area Temps indoctrination kit, which reviews our company policies and benefits package, and explains what to expect when you are on assignment.


If you are hired, you will be asked to complete state and federal tax forms, as well as the I-9 form.  When completing the I-9, you are required to supply two acceptable identification (one from List B and one from List C) or one acceptable identification from List A of the I-9 form; please be sure to bring them with you to the interview.

Your Area Temps paycheck is paid via direct deposit.  You may elect to have your check automatically deposited to your personal bank account, (please bring a cancelled check), or we will provide you with the Wisely Pay card when you register.


Skills testing is required of all candidates.  You will complete one or more assessments, depending upon your skill set and interests.


A preliminary criminal background check is run on every candidate who comes into an Area Temps office to register.  Upon request from our customer, we may also perform more comprehensive criminal, driving record and/or credit background checks before you are assigned.  Because Area Temps is a drug-free workplace, we also conduct pre- and re-employment drug screens right in our office, when applicable.