Our Service Process

Area Temps leverages innovative resources and technology at each step of the service process to deliver exceptional results for your company:

1. The Hiring Process

Each of our temporary employees undergoes a personal interview and thorough testing procedure before they are hired, including:

  • Skill-specific interviewing, with comprehensive interview sheets to identify over 100 different job skills.
  • SHL/Aspiring Minds™ testing confirms the candidates’ skills before they are assigned.

2. The Ordering Process

To best serve your needs, we must first understand your requirements.  We start by obtaining detailed information on your open position, to determine the exact type of employee you need.

  • Once you’ve placed an order, we will get back to you within 30 minutes with a candidate referral or status update.
  • To enhance our order responsiveness, we offer:
    • Temps on Call. Available throughout the business day, ready to report to work for your emergency staffing needs.
    • Voice Broadcasting and Email Alerts. We can instantaneously contact available employees who match your requirements. Ideal for customers with high volume orders, or who need to fill a position very quickly.

3. The Assigning Process

To identify the most qualified candidates, we use the following resources:

  • City Search applicant database. This interactive, centralized applicant networking system provides access to over 80,000 screened, tested and performance-rated candidates. Powerful search engines guarantee that you will be referred the most qualified available candidate in the entire Greater Cleveland area.
  • Tried & Proven Rating. Tracks punctuality and attendance.
  • PDQ Performance Rating. Our client productivity, dependability and quality ratings.

4. The Quality Process

To ensure your continued satisfaction, Area Temps:

  • maintains contact with your company throughout the assignment.
  • reviews your comments on each weekly timesheet.
  • gathers and records PDQ Performance Rating information for each Area Temps employee.
  • places unreliable employees on our DNU (Do Not Use) list, so they will never work for any of our clients again.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

Our temporary employees are qualified to perform the duties to which they are assigned.  Upon notice from you within the first eight hours of assignment, all charges for unsatisfactory work will be canceled.