Five Points to Ensure Success as a New Manager

A photo of someone in a suit with a nametag that says "Hello! My name is The Boss"Management shifts quite frequently in the business world. Between mergers, restructuring, buyouts, and good old-fashioned promotions, being under new management is likely to happen to every business at some point. But what if you’re the new manager? How do you approach your new position? Here are five tips to help you ensure you can be the best new manager you can be.


Point #1 – Take the Time to Learn the Company

Companies are large entities with a lot of moving parts. From hierarchy, corporate culture, process and operations, each company has their own unique way of doing business. But as a newcomer, you aren’t going to be as knowledgeable of processes. It’s important to trust your employees, and that you ask questions to gain a better understanding of the company. Research can get you far, but talking to boots-on-the-ground employees will give you a more detailed and personal understanding of the corporate culture.


Point #2 – Be Open to Constructive Criticism

Be open to criticism, both from your employees and your customers. You’re the new kid on the block. In many ways, they have a more intimate knowledge of the company than you do. Being able to receive feedback from stakeholders will help the business grow. Listen to their grievances and what can be improved and listen to what they currently like about your product or service. As a new manager, it’s important to grow the company in a constructive way. You don’t want to take any steps backwards, and if you listen to your employees, it’ll show them you really care about the wellbeing of the company.


Point #3 – Make Sure Your Customers Are Happy

It’s common that a business goes under new management and customers are dissatisfied with the changes. Some unpopular changes may be necessary or beneficial to the company, but it’s important that you keep the thoughts of your customers in mind. Even if your goal is to draw in a new demographic, it’s not good business to completely alienate your current customers. Having customers keeps your lights on, so it’s important that you not only bring in new ones but keep the repeat customers from the previous management happy.


Point #4 – Take Steps to Maintain (Or Improve) the Company’s Reputation

A reputation is built up over time. It’s not gifted overnight; you must earn it by having a quality product or service. However, you can lose your reputation overnight. It’s important that any changes you make be in the express good of the company, its shareholders and its stakeholders. Balancing these three different sides is tricky, but necessary. Without that balance, your reputation will slip with one of those three groups. And the last thing you want to do is bite the hand that feeds you.


Point #5 – Be Willing to Rely on Your Team

It takes a lot of vulnerability to admit when you need help, but it is essential in a new position. When you’re new, it’s important you surround yourself with experienced individuals who are familiar with the company’s inner workings. When trouble comes or when a crisis strikes, your experienced team will be there to help you work through the issue. Again, as a new manager you’re not going to have all the answers immediately. And even though you’re the manager, you don’t have to be an expert at everything the company does or at every process within the company. As long as you have a strong team by your side, you can face any new challenges head on.


Becoming the new management is sure to bring a huge shift in the company. Things are inevitably going to change. However, it’s important that you make sure each change is a positive one. It’s management’s duty to make sure not only that the company runs smoothly, but to ensure its success. It can be daunting when management changes. But if new management cares about the company it inherited, everyone can have their eyes on success.


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