How to Achieve Success in the New Year

A white spiral notebook sitting on a yellow table underneath a white keyboard. To the left of the notebook are glasses, a pen, some sticky notes, push pins, a coffee mug, and sitting on the right is a small succulent plant and a smartphone with a business report on it. The notebook has "2023" written on the left side and "Goal Plan Achieve" written on the right in a checklist with each box checked off.New Year’s means new beginnings and a fresh start. It’s a great time to reflect on the past, review what goals you did (or didn’t) achieve and reassess those goals. The new year gives us an opportunity to make changes or redirect ourselves to help achieve those long-term goals. And although it can be a struggle to keep up with your resolutions, here’s a few things to keep in mind while taking steps towards your goals.


Understand It Takes Time

As many people have said, success is not a straight line. There are going to be curves, ebbs and flows, roadblocks and diversions, but what’s important is that you understand this and keep going. To truly achieve your goals, you need to keep moving forward towards that which you want to achieve. Try to avoid making any unrealistic timeframes so your goals remain realistic. Also, be ready to continue on your path in the next year. Unless something is time sensitive, there is no expiration date on success.


Give Yourself Room To Grow

Often when working towards something, we often get discouraged when our skills are just not where they need to be. That shouldn’t stop someone from working towards what they want to do; skills are meant to be learned and honed and practiced. If you have a long-term goal but your skills aren’t quite there to meet that goal, that’s okay. In the end it’s all about progress, and there’s no shame in taking classes, being an intern or taking an entry-level job to make that progress. And be honest with yourself about your skill level. Confidence is key, but not if you can’t do the job you’re working towards.


Make Sure You Pace Yourself

Progress is a marathon, not a race. If you fling yourself into something with no regard for yourself, your wellbeing or your energy, you will burn out, fast. Therefore, it’s important that you rest, relax, and have fun! Breaks are important, especially if your work is laborious, intensive, or mentally and emotionally taxing. Your body and mind need to rest and recover before you can elevate to the next level. Working towards your goals is your main mission, but if you don’t stop and enjoy yourself, the journey wouldn’t have been worth it.


Plan, But Be Calm About It

Plans are important. They act like a roadmap, outlining your journey and offering you direction along the way. But unlike a roadmap, there is no specific boulevard you can drive down or city you can go to reach your destination: your long-term goals. We can plan in any way we want, but when we do it’s almost always a straight line. And although these plans may be efficient, they are highly unrealistic. Your plan has to be flexible to accommodate life’s ups and downs, so you need to be prepared for the unexpected. If something goes awry, there’s always time to redirect.


It’s Okay if Things Don’t Quite Work Out

Sometimes, things don’t work out, and that’s okay. Maybe you got your dream job and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Or you didn’t get the promotion you were gunning for. Or you ended up somewhere completely different that you didn’t even consider was a possibility. It’s okay if your year doesn’t work out the way you wanted. Sometimes we end up where we needed to be. And the things you learned on your journey make the work you put in worthwhile, even if it didn’t pan out as you planned.


The path to success looks different for everyone; there is no one way to accomplish your goals. But what’s most important is that you find your own way. Your goals and aspirations, your skill level, and your effort all factor into it, but what you learn along the way will be what gets you across that finish line.


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