HR Insights: Vol 1, Issue 3

Six Steps to Better Employee Selection

There are few areas of your business model that are as impactful as who you hire-especially when hiring key positions such as management and sales. Over the last dozen years of partnering with large and small business, I have found that most organizations have a significant need to enhance their employee selection process. I encourage those I serve to view their employee selection process as a continuous work in progress - always room for improvement. Following are 6 steps to better employee selection.

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HR Insights: Vol 1, Issue 2

Top Five Challenges of Hiring Employees in a Small Business

For over 15 years I have advised small businesses and startups. One of the greatest challenges small businesses have - especially in their early stages - is hiring top talent to propel the business forward. Nothing is as important for shaping the future of a small business than who is hired - especially in management and sales. I know from direct experience. In 1999, I became the VP of Sales for a small online training company.

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HR Insights: Vol 1, Issue 1

4 Small Yet Impactful Improvements Your Workplace Needs in 2013

As we make our way into the new year, companies everywhere are looking for new ways to better their workplaces. (Or if they aren't, they should be!) But for many companies, big improvements might not hold precedence on a busy 2013 agenda. Never fear, big changes aren't always necessary when it comes to turning your workplace into a more employee-friendly environment.

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