New Year Savings from Area Temps

A red alarm clock sitting next to two rolls of $100 bills.Happy New Year! To celebrate, Area Temps is offering you $200 off on any order of 80 hours or more, or $100 off any 40-hour assignment* for customers who haven’t billed with us in the last 6 months.  Just be sure to keep us in mind…this offer is valid until March 31st, 2024.



Simply follow this link for details and a printable coupon: Winter Savings


As we approach 40 years of business, we continue to innovate and streamline our services. With our extensive City Search database and now our mobile app, it is simpler than ever to take advantage of what Area Temps has to offer. To see for yourself, call or email one of our sales representatives or contact your nearest Area Temps office with your skill requirements and we will get to work!


Meanwhile, we hope you, your company, and your employees have a joyous New Year and a prosperous 2024 to come. We look forward to partnering with you on your next opening!

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