The Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm in Cleveland

You’ve been on the job search a while and you are about ready to throw in the towel.  You’ve scoured the career sites, read all the classifieds in The Plain Dealer, probed all your LinkedIn connections, and haven’t had much luck. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to stop trying to do this job search on your own. Having a team of skilled recruiters and professionals on your side when applying for a position, is just one of the many benefits of utilizing a staffing agency.  Here are a few reasons you should look to a local staffing firm for assistance when searching for an available position.

Recruiters Have Connections.
The professional recruiters that work at staffing agencies have developed relationships with hiring managers and senior level executives at numerous companies.  This is clout that the average job seeker doesn’t have themselves.  Recruiters use their connections to get you in the door at the best companies to work for.  They’re able to get feedback quickly and can guarantee that your resume will be reviewed by a senior manager and not just end up in the pile.

Hold the Keys to a Hidden Job Market.
When companies want to fill a position quickly, without a flood of applications, they’ll often reach out to a staffing agency.  Doing so allows them to be presented with top candidates that have the qualities they’re looking for, have been preselected, and are interested in the job.  You will not find these positions listed on sites like LinkedIn or Monster, so you can only find them through a recruiter.  There are many Fortune 500 companies that only list their open positions exclusively through employment agencies. Your dream job could be available, but undisclosed if you’re handling your job search on your own.

Industry Expertise.
Recruiters know the ins and outs of the industries they staff for.  What does the average nurse with 3 years of experience make? How many years does it take to reach a senior level mechanical engineering role? What technical skills are required for a project manager? These are all questions recruiters can answer.  They have access to industry reports on everything from salary levels to sample interview questions.   Using this information, they can help guide you to right steps towards advancing your career.

Temporary to Permanent Placement.
Whether you’re looking for immediate temporary work or a long term placement, a staffing agency can help.  Temp-to-hire services not only allow the company to ensure that you’re right for the job; they allow you to decide if the job is right for you.  As mentioned before, many companies do use staffing agencies for direct hire positions.  They choose to hire staffing agencies over handling the recruiting in house because it lessens the time and effort spent recruiting, screening, and referring candidates. In a recent study done by the American Staffing Association, it was found that 80 percent of organizations working with a staffing agency believe that “Staffing companies offer a good way to find people who can become permanent employees.”

Free Service.
Contrary to popular belief, employment agencies don’t get paid by the job seeker to find them a job. That may have been true twenty years ago, but that’s no longer the case today. Companies pay recruiters to fill their positions, so agencies offer their services to job seekers for free.  That’s right, free.  Not only will you get free help finding a job, most staffing agencies will work with you on identifying your career interests and goals, interview preparation, and even computer training. Some firms offer costly software tutorials at no charge, that will help you enhance your skills and be a more qualified candidate.

If you’re still searching for a job in the Cleveland area and haven’t experienced the benefits of a recruiting agency, contact Area Temps today.  As the industry leader in the Greater Cleveland area, Area Temps can help find the perfect opportunity for you.  Start by taking a look at our open positions.

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