Our Area Temps representative was very prompt and was able to place someone quickly, which was exactly what we needed. I am very pleased with the candidate and the work he does here. I think you all did a great job making this connection, as I am unsure of another way he would have ever heard about our opening.


Bridget K., Non-Profit Organization

“Nancy Whalen did an excellent job placing good candidates. I look forward to working with her again. I am very surprised by my satisfaction and I was incredibly skeptical about your ability to deliver. I could not find candidates this quickly. Great job at proving me wrong!”

Jeremy K., Food Distribution Company

“So far, the candidate you sent has been excellent. I was most impressed with the process to get to this point. The Area Temps’ account representative was very knowledgeable and simply ‘got it’ when I explained our needs. She sent us excellent candidates. Additionally, the process has been quite simple and easy to navigate. The most important thing I do as a business owner is to try and hire the right people. I’m very happy I decided to work with Area Temps!”

Peter F., Business Supply Company

I want to thank Area Temps and the whole Lakewood staff for their diligence and determination to find employment for me. My recruiter was very professional and executed his responsibilities beautifully!

Susan R., Assigned by Lakewood Area Temps

I recently relocated to the Cleveland/Lakewood area and decided to use Area Temps as a resource for my job hunt. My recruiter is sooo awesome!!!  He has really gone above and beyond to find me an assignment that matches my skill set and needs. Thank you!!!

Nicole W., Assigned by Lakewood Area Temps