My interviewer, Neil, was really on the ball.  He knew the answers to all my questions without hesitation or having to check on the answer.  It was nice to talk to someone who knows what they are doing and are able to express it.  I would recommend anyone to go to Area Temps.  It was only a day or two later that Neil called me with a job opportunity that not only paid well, but was in the career path that I chose.  Unlike other places I’ve been, Area Temps does exactly what they say they are going to do – place people in jobs where they want to work.  Kudos to Neil and the entire staff!

Larry N., Assigned by Brunswick Area Temps

I just wanted to take a moment to to let you know how much I appreciate Bianca Camargo.  She has went above and beyond in assisting with my placement.  Her dedication and loyalty to her clients exceeds anything I could have ever expected.  Thank you, Bianca for your commitment and patience during this transition.  You are truly appreciated!

Paula D., Assigned by Parma Area Temps

I want to thank Jessica very much for everything she has done for me in placing me at temporary jobs which had led me to my current permanent position.  I cannot begin to express how wonderful everyone has been to me at Area Temps.  I only have the highest regard for each of them.  When I was unemployed and searching for employment, Area Temps was always there for me.  I couldn’t have asked for a better temporary agency to have done business with.  Jessica is a joy to know and to have had the pleasure of going on job assignments through her. Her sweetness, kindness and deep concern will always remain with me, not only as a wonderful representative of Area Temps, but also as a very true dear friend of mine.

Carol S., Assigned by Parma Area Temps

Gail Enders of the Lakewood office is one of the best coordinators I have come across in the business.  She works hard to make sure all the details of the assignment our correct and follows up on her placements.  We had several long-term temps and were always very satisfied.

Barbara B., Parts Manufacturer

Kim DeGroff of the Parma office has been especially helpful.  You were able to produce workers, mostly in our case, with basic skills, but good workers who showed up on time at a reasonable price.  These are important qualities compared to other services who promise high-end workers, but usually can not come through with them or they have car problems or issues and have to cancel.

Edward G., Heating & Cooling Service

Nancy Whalen of the Lakewood office was and is great to work with.  She is the main reason we use Area Temps and will continue to use Area Temps!  I hope your company understands how valuable Nancy is and show her appreciation for all that she does for us!!!

Marcus D., Recycling Center

Every time we have needed a person for assistance either temp-to-hire, or just for the day, Area Temps has always been able to provide an individual in a timely manner.  Gail Enders of the Lakewood office is available to my calls, emails, or personal visits at a moments notice.  She is always prompt with service and goes out of her way to meet the client’s needs.  I am happy to work with Gail at every opportunity.

Richard B., Machining Manufacturer