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4 Ways to Make Temporary Employees Feel Welcome

There are many benefits of hiring temporary employees to fill positions at your company.  Doing so allows you to easily staff up or down, try before you buy, or fill vacancies quickly.  However, it’s important that as with any new employee, you do your best to ensure that temporary employees feel welcome.  It’s common for… Read More »

How Can Our Service Process Positively Impact Your Organization?

The success of your organization depends on the employees you staff.  Therefore, the hiring process should be your most important process.  However, due to lack of time, money, and resources, businesses are often forced to make quick, on the spot hiring decisions that can lead to bad hires. Outsourcing your hiring process to a staffing… Read More »

Exit Interviews: Do You Know Why Your Employees are Leaving?

Employee resignations are an unfortunate fact of business, and it can be especially disappointing when one your best employees decide to quit.   However, people leave jobs for many reasons, and it’s important that you find out why when an employee makes that decision.  The best way to obtain this is though having an exit interview—a… Read More »

Are You Missing Out on Top Employees?

Hiring and retaining the best talent in today’s economy is as tough as it’s ever been.  Unless you’re Apple or Google, simply tweeting out “We’re hiring” isn’t going to have the top employees in the industry beating down your door.  As a smaller business or start-up, you have to have a well-defined hiring process in… Read More »

Use the New Year to Evaluate Your Hiring Process

With 2014 upon us, it’s the perfect time to revisit your hiring strategy.  A new employee is one of the biggest investments your company can make, so it’s essential that the hiring process be given adequate time and attention.  You can’t afford making bad hires.  Use these steps to evaluate your hiring strategy to make… Read More »

The Affordable Care Act and How it Will Impact Your Workforce

You’ve been hearing about it for months now. It’s all the media can talk about. You’ve read so many articles; your brain doesn’t even know how to process the information anymore.  No, no not Miley’s latest drama; we’re talking about the Affordable Care Act. As 2013 comes to an end, it’s time to face the… Read More »

Realigning Your Goals to End 2013 Successfully

It’s hard to believe we are already in the 4th quarter of 2013.  Don’t let the next month slip away in a hectic blur as you hustle to complete goals and reach targets.  Instead, take a step back, evaluate your organization, and make sure 2013 comes to a successful end. Review Your Key Objectives for… Read More »

Cleveland Attractions—How to Pull Top Candidates to Cleveland

It’s been almost 10 years since Drew Carey had us all singing “Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks!” and judging by its recent #2 spot on “10 Worst Places to Live in America” and #1 spot on the “Most Miserable US Cities” list,  job seekers aren’t exactly flocking to the Rock and Roll Capital of the World.… Read More »

Eliminating Low Morale Before it Spreads

Your organization depends on the ability of employees to work to their fullest potential and strive for continual growth. As long as you have a great company culture with positive employees, they usually put forth this effort. However, when negativity creeps into your workplace it causes low morale, derails productivity, and can decrease cooperation among… Read More »

Tips to Helping Your Temporary Staff Fit In

Due to the state of the economy and growing impact of globalization, temporary employees are becoming more and more necessary. When hiring a temporary employee, you face the challenge of making them feel welcome within the organization.  Contingent employees often have a hard time seeing the impact of their work, but with a little focus… Read More »